Cassie & Brian’s Engagement | Fort Lauderdale FL


If you look the word happiness in your dictionary, they will give you a definition that says something like this “a state of well-being and contentment” and for me that is the completely wrong definition of happiness. Happiness is what I feel every time you look at me, or when you hug me thigh. Happiness is the feeling I have every time you hold my hand and walk next to me. Happiness is for every time you make me laugh. Happiness is for all the days I wish to spend with you. If I could rewrite the meaning of happiness in the dictionary, I would describe like this: Happiness is what you make me feel every day, happiness is all the thoughts I have if you throughout the day, happiness is for knowing that I want to hold you forever. Happiness is for loving someone that you could never let go.
The true meaning of happiness is me and you.



Save the date – Brian and Cassie from House Films Cinema on Vimeo.

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